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16. 01. 2014.

Split Secret Underground

 Diocletian aqueduct is built at the same time as the famous palace so that the emperor had spring water for drinking, bathing and entertainment. Speleological Society "Špiljar" is  currently working on enabling access to the underground section of the 1700 year old Diocletian aqueduct!!

  It is a remarkable when we consider that the plumbing, the main pump on the river Jadro is over 9 kilometers long, and it continuously monitors the slope of 3%, regardless of the terrain through which it passes.

  The ancient aqueduct was used until 1932,since then, it runs only the excess water. The exact route of the water tunnel today is largely unknown, and is encountered by chance every here and there.

 "First tours could start as early as next season, and Split will get a unique opportunity to break the monotony, and a little better dig beneath the surface of the city." Tours will start at one of the access place which Romans used for the inspection and maintenance of water supply. At this location we have fully preserved staircase to about 15 meters under the ground!  

What a tour it will be!!