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15. 06. 2015.


Split beaches

Another unusual good fact about Split is that it has several clean and popular beaches in resident part of the city which is quite an suprise regarding the fact that Split peninsula are surraunded by industrial facilities on the north and Main city Harbor on south. But still on southern and western shores you can find parks, residential area and tourist facilities with accommodation, beaches, night clubs, museums, ferry port etc. There is a true Mediterranean spirit of the town.
For the start we are going to describe the most popular beaches in split and by that the first in our line is Bačvice beach.

Bačvice is most famous and most popular beach in the Split. It is all from fine sand but artificial sand not natural sand. Bačvice is also name for district of the city. What is convenient about this beach is that is located in very center of the city. The distance from the Diocletian palace (old town) is about 10 to 15 minutes walk. Although the beach is in very center of city, still it has blue flag; award for most cleanest and organized beaches in Europe. The best time to be at the beach is at June and September since during season time (JUly and August) is overcrowded with local population and tourists also. The benefit of this beach is that the beach bay is very shallow. You need to walk 50m in sand before you can reach enough dept to swim. Because shallow sea you will see lot of people playing local game – picigin. On the beach you cna find several coffee bars; you can rent a beach chairs and sunshades for 3-4 euro per day. They are showers with drinkable water on the beach.

Beach Trstenik

This beach is located in the same named district of the Split where are located few popular hotels, lot of apartments and other accommodation types are. Beach it self
is pebble or gravel with shallow entrance and it is suitable for families with small children. Sea is crystal blue because small gravel stones. The beach has also
showers, changing rooms, watch towers, and beach chairs for rent. Only downthing about this beach is that there is no natural shade but there are few beach bars where
you can stay in shade and refresh yourself with cold drink. Location of this beach is around 4 km southeast from the center of Split or around 30 min walk from the


One of the most popular beaches on southeast side of Split is Žnjan pebble beach. It is newest built beach in Split and so far largest location for enjoy in sea and
sun. The beach consists of several separated bays thus they are in fact several beaches stretching almost 1 km wide. Žnjan location is consisting mostly of pebble and
rock beaches. But since this pebbles are not natural it is also artificial which makes not nice surface to lay on. Žnjan is very popular location for locals because it
has lot of beach space, enough parking space and brilliant sea. This Beaches also have showers with drinkable water, changing rooms, watch towers and lot of beach bars
where you can enjoy in day and night.


Ježinac is first of few beaches located in west part of Split city, more precisely under the Park Forest Marjan. Those beaches are located in district Meje – elite party of city that is quite isolated from city noise. Ježinac beach is pebble beach and on some section concrete beach as well. This type of the beach is mostly visited by locals since it is not easily accessible by foot. Good side of this beach is that providing a good cliff jumping height from 5m to 12 meters.

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